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Project Aims

Tuesday, 06 July 2010 01:00 administrator
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V-3DAS sustains the development of a new professional qualification of Agricultural Entrepreneur and the construction of an integrated training curriculum. The project acknowledges the important role that transversal and entrepreneurial competences can play within the efficient and effective farm management, integrating the ordinary technical-professional competences exclusively focused on the management of processes concerning the pre-production. L'approccio seguito mira a:

  • update the professional profile of farmer with transversal and entrepreneurial competences;
  • include a focus on language skills in order to support the opening to an international dimension;
  • exploit the use of ICT to sustain apprenticeships in entrepreneurial roles in order to encourage the acquisition of transversal competences and to facilitate the development of managerial mindsets.

The New Technologies are particularly relevant for the project. They are not used as a mere tool to accompany the learning or simply as the opportunity to exploit the potential of new learning environments. In the project "V-3DAS", use of ICTs allows to explore new areas of applicability: the simulation of an internship in a virtual and protected environment, reproducing all the problems and the interactions of a model farm. The learners could experiment entrepreneurial roles, "put themselves to the test" to solve challenging situations of professional practice, make strategic choices of business.

The entire training pathway will be structured as a learning developmental project aimed to elicit a change in the professional mindset of young learners through a gradual articulation in terms of training settings, learning content, teaching methodologies and tools.

The process of validation and formalisation of the training curriculum is supported by 4 pilot courses in Italy, France, Spain and Greece. The use of an operational tool-box supports trainers to sustain the  transfer into formal systems of Vocational Training.


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