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V-3DAS (Virtual 3D Agri-Stage for experiential learning) is a project approved and co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme– KA3.

V-3DAS intends to support the process of sectoral innovation in terms of professional development by updating the knowledge and competences of the agricultural entrepreneurs and encouraging the training of agricultural operators who will be able to act as entrepreneurs.


V-3DAS wants to offer farmers of the new generation a technological training tool able to help them to understand the importance to be entrepreneurs, to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset, to interact within a dimension oriented to the market and to run their farms in a managerial perspective: not as an enterprise that produces for the subsistence thanks to the EC funds, but with the possibility of alternative sources of income.

In this view, the Vocational Training is considered not only as a simple updating but as a tool to accompany the learner into a process of growth, revision of his/her professional frames and opening to new and innovative ways of considering the farm, seen as a complex  system of management within a chain, which  covers the entire productive cycle (from the ex ante of the production process to the post-harvesting), involving a global dimension of the enterprise vision.
The project aims to contribute to the training of an agricultural entrepreneur able to make strategic choices of business, keeping a highest attention to the quality of process and product and respecting the natural and human environment in which he / she works. The “V-3DAS” entrepreneur is able to understand the importance of interacting with a free and complex market, opening himself/herself to international perspectives and he/she knows how to apply methods of optimisation of costs and resources for the adaptation to CAP rules.

On this basis, the project V-3DAS  constructs its “Vision” and strategy of intervention that can be expressed as follows:

  • Vocational Training and New Technologies working together and open to processes of sectoral internationalisation and globalisation for a new entrepreneurial class;
  • Support to approaches of lifelong training to promote creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in young learners as a strategy to address the need of entrepreneurship of the agricultural sector that still is in a strong delay.