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Auxilium pro Regionibus Europae in Rebus Culturalibus Auxilium ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der sich mit Forschung und Entwicklung in den Bereichen Bildung, berufliche Weiterbildung und Regionalentwicklung beschäftigt. Der Sitz von Auxilium ist in Graz, Österreich.
Unsere Hauptaktivitäten sind die Umsetzung im Bereich der Regionalentwicklung und der Wissenstransfer basierend auf Forschung und Training. Im Weiteren beschäftigen wir und mir der wissenschaftlichen Evaluierung und Interpretation von methodischen Ansätzen in der Berufs- und Erwachsenenbildung. Auxilum hat eine langjährige EU Projekterfahrung und kann auf erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit Sozialpartnern, Trainingsorganisationen, öffentlichen und privaten Institutionen auf lokaler, nationaler und transnationaler Ebene zurückblicken.
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CFPPA Beaune

The missions of the CFPPA are varied and defined in the agricultural guidance laws. They can be grouped  in five categories:

  • Training: our heart of business! 280 000 hours are annually exempted. The trainees come to form in a constellation of jobs which revolve around our specialities.
  • Liveliness: inhabitants of Beaune, neighborhood or moreover, professionals, amateurs or simple curious can participate in a whole set of demonstrations which the CFPPA organizes: training courses of discovery of wines, vine growing, tasting, presentation of the Burgundy and its patrimonial wealth.
  • Developement: the development passes by the implementation of actions which correspond to the wait of our partners: wine growers, traders, social welfare bodies, institutional partners, diverse organizations. In the CFPPA of Beaune, an engineering service can study and answer at different request.
  • Insertion: " the “Service Vitrine Installation employ” " list and studies the supplies and demands of jobs to help trainers to found a job.
  • International cooperation: For 15 years the CFPPA leads actions(shares) of cooperation with numerous foreign partners:
    • Reception of foreign trainees: the CFPPA welcomes 20 % of foreigners in its courses degree and leading to a qualification.
    • Reception of foreign groups: trainings "à la carte" are built according to the requests.
    • Participation in programs of international cooperation such as "Grundtvig" and "Léonardo da Vinci", in program of bilateral cooperation with South Africa, allowing the persons stemming from communities discriminated to reach a social advancement via the training.

Together for Our Foundation
The foundation is a non-profit organisation of public interest, operating since 2004. Adult education registration number: 19-0205-05.
Its highlighted task is the development of regional development and environmental protection linked to the agricultural sphere, which it accomplishes through education and adult education. 
The educational system: modular build-up; permeability; multi level outcome, teaching of modern, continually updated, national and international knowledge material.
It participates in national and EU projects continuously, actively and successfully.
It carries out its activity independently and also in a consortium partnership.

IFES is a non-profit foundation created in 1986 by one of the major Spanish trade unions (UGT), to be a technical instrument of training in the professional area, thus contributing to economic development, improvement of competiveness and quality of enterprises, taking into account the workers' professional competences through permanent training. It accomplishes a social purpose, being at workers disposal to improve their qualification, allowing them to be adapted to the constant changes and innovations introduced in their jobs, and to the requirements of the companies.



ISN Virtual Worlds operates globally as the one of leading companies providing services and consulting for the creation and management of online virtual worlds and Web 3D online simulations.

ISN Virtual Worlds develops interactive environments with a deep knowledge of the makret leading technologies for web 3D and virtual worlds, in particular for Linden Lab’s SL Grid, Second Life and Blue Mars by Avatar Reality.

The added value you will find at ISN Virtual Worlds can be encapsulated by the following fundamental points, which are the basis of our vision, strategy and methodologies:

  • The desire to transform ideas into projects
  • The application and dedication of our team members
  • The culture and professional training of our team members
  • A strong focus on virtual worlds and web 2.0
  • A constant drive towards quality and innovation A client base of high profile companies and brands, from the Italian and international markets.



The TEI of Crete has 17 departments, approximately 1.120 employees as educational staff and 18.000 students. The V3DAS project will be managed by the school of Agriculture and the Office for Technology transfer, Innovation and Entrepreuship of TEI of Crete. The Floriculture/Greenhouse Crops Department was established in 1985 and trains students in production techniques of floricultural/horticultural crops in greenhouses and open fields. The education includes lectures/practicals in laboratories/greenhouses, so that students can gain practical knowledge. Special emphasis is put on the applied plant physiology, the plant protection (especially by biological means) cultivation on artificial substrates (soiless culture),the landscape architecture and the greenhouse construction/operation. The institute plays an important role in the area of education as well as in its relations with the industry and the economy in the region. The co-operation with other Universities in Greece and abroad on educational and research programs is its primary goal.