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Model Farm

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Developed as the story of a farm from its birth as far as the current state of development, “Model Farm” is the final outcome of the second phase of survey on the field.

It is the formalisation of a model farm with reference to elements of excellence connected with:

  • activities performed (activities and tasks);
  • products / services delivered;
  • processes adopted;
  • devices and tools employed;
  • procedures of management, monitoring and control for the Quality Assurance.

The reference to concrete cases of farm management, collected in the “Review of Best Practices” has oriented the modelling so to make it coherent with principles of exemplariness, truthfulness , credibility and internal coherence and sustainability thanks to a precise and detailed reference to:

  • elements of excellence that are effectively detectable, mutatis mutandis, in each farm which have similar characteristics to the our, even if not in the  entirety ;
  • situations described with reference to concrete activities that are also coherent with the management of a farm;

an internal coherence of the various processes articulated as single parts which contribute to the harmonisation of the farm and to the functionality as a whole.