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Virtual Farm

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It is a 3D environment of virtual interactive and synchronous learning: reconstruction of a farm, as physical place in which learners will have the opportunity to carry out a virtual internship, by covering or exchanging entrepreneurial roles within the chain.

It is developed with Unity technology as a Web-based system with flexible open standards such as the WebGL. It allows learners to manage the use of spaces and materials of virtual learning within a modular structure. The applet allows learners to be teleported in various places of the areas, recording the different actions through a video-camera which is controlled through proper softare.

The 3D environment provides learners with an immersive experience of farm management through which they can test themselves in managerial/entrepreneurial roles as a way to improve their abilities to take initiative, self-confidence, learning to learn, decision making, work in team, take on responsibility as well as develop transversal, professional and technical skills in order to train them to become future agricultural entrepreneurs and managers, able to interact in a proactive way with the business scenarios.

A special thank to Company Sgorbati, and especially Mr. Alberto Sgorbati, for the kind authorization to use the videos of machinery and the descriptions of the transformation processes, allowing us to reconstruct them in the Virtual Farm.

See other pictures of V-Farm here.