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Training Pathways

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The experimental pathways of V-3DAS represent an unique opportunity among present training offers in EU. Their aim is to train a new entrepreneurial and managerial profile in the agricultural sector with the objective to guarantee to young people with an agricultural training background  new opportunities of professional integration. Not only entrepreneurs able to manage their own farm will be trained, but managers able to get a job inside consortia, cooperatives, sectoral associations and to coordinate associations of producers, managing at the same time, a group of farms.

At this purpose, during the pathway, a set of innovative tools and devices will be put on the field in order to support the acquisition not only of professional knowledge and competences but mainly of transversal skills which characterise a managerial profile able to interact within more and more complex and articulated market scenarios.

The pathways will be structured in five phases:

  • 1st Phase: acquisition of technical knowledge concerning specific areas of management. The phase will be managed as a transfer of sectoral content through the use of learning materials able to activate processes of reflection and modelling;

  • 2nd Phase: acquisition of sectoral English skills. The phase will be managed in e-learning through the support multimedia activities and exercises, through which learners will be able to improve their language knowledge with a specific focus on sectoral English, also through the participation in forum and chat with mother-tongue teachers and with other Spanish, French and Greek learners in an highly dynamic and stimulating transnational environment.

  • 3rd Phase: acquisition of skills of problem finding and solving through the interaction with situations of professional practices reproduced in 3D videos. It is the first step of virtual learning of the pathway and it will allow learners to familiarize with the virtual environment in which they will carry out the stage and to compare different choices of solutions for the same problem of enterprise management.

  • 4th Phase: it is the hearth of the entire pathway, the most innovative element. A farm has been recreated in a 3D environment on the platform Lindenlab SL Grid, as setting of simulation of the farm management within a context of chain. Learners, through avatars, will be able to interact among themselves and with virtual environments, simulating various roles with reference to different operators of the agricultural chain.

  • 5th Phase: it is the last moment of the experimental pathway aimed to verify on the field the competences effectively acquired by learners during the course. The best three learners will have the opportunity to spend a period of guided apprenticeship in farms where they can concretely put themselves to test.

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