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National Seminar in Italy

  The Seminar, organised by Serifo on January 29th 2013, has presented the final products of V-3DAS to 60 experts in different working fields (Adult Education, Agriculture, Economics, Vocational Training, Communication). In particular, Mrs. Maria Della Giovampaola (General Manager) and Prof. Maura Striano (Scientific Responsible) have shown to the audience the main points characterising the    learning curriculum    designed as a Higher Education Master and the professional qualification of Agricultural Entrepreneur/Manager.   {mp4}Ann09{/mp4}  

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Final Press Release

  Published the final press release of the project. Click here to read it.  

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Recognition of the professional profile

  Started the negotiations with the relevant bodies in Italy and France for the recognition of the professional profile of agricultural entrepreneur designed in the project. In Italy, the Agricultural Department of Campania Regional Administration has already expressed a positive evaluation on the professional profile by asking to the Training Department the activation of the procedure for the recognition. Other information about this will follow soon.    

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Last consortium meeting in Naples

  On 28th of January 2013, Serifo has hosted the delegations of the partners in Naples for the last project meeting. During the working day, the partners have presented the outcomes of the validation workshops in Italy and France and of the experimentation in Spain and Greece, as a basis for analysing future developments and implementations.   {mp4}Ann07{/mp4}

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Predictive evaluation from expert!

  Two workshops have been organised on January 8th and 9th 2013 by Serifo and CFPPA involving a group of stakeholders (experts – researchers and professors – in Adult Education, Agriculture, Economics). During the workshops, the experts have had the opportunity to see and use the learning materials (Virtual Farm, Video-machinimas, Moodle Platform)  developed in the framework of V-3DAS and to express their feedbacks in terms of predictive evaluation about the potential impact of the products presented on the target group of learners. The feedbacks collected have been really positive and, at the same time, they provide an useful background of information for possible future implementations.     {mp4}Ann06{/mp4}

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Testing of learning materials

  Cooperativas  Agroalimentarias and Agro-Know  (Spanish and Greek Partners of V-3DAS) have concluded the experimentation in their own countries. They have involved about 15 learners with an educational background in agriculture in a blended pathway of face-to-face lessions, e-learning on Moodle for the improvement of Agricultural English Skills and virtual learning sessions through visit to Virtual Farm and practical exercise through Video-Machinimas. The testing (started in July 2012 and finished in January 2013) has been focused on providing a feedback from a sample of the project target group in order to have an evaluation on the potential impact of the learning materials developed and used as stimulus to activate reflective learning processes on the entrepre

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Bilateral meeting in Naples

  Organized in Naples by Serifo, the bilateral meeting with new partners who have joined the project: Agro-Know and Cooperativas Agroalimentarias. The meeting, held in April 2012, has been focused on the presentation of the interim products of the project and on the agreements about the activities to be implemented under the responsibility of the new used.       

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Experimentation started!

  The process of experimentation of the learning materials and settings have started! The Spanish and Greek partners have already completed the classroom sessions with the participation of two groups of learners. The initiative, carried out in July (Spain) and September 2012 (Greece), has been the opportunity to test on the field the effectiveness of the learning materials developed for the classroom sessions. The second parl of the experimentation, focused on the e-learning and virtual learning sessions, will start soon. Also the Italian and French Partners are going to start their action of experimentation through a procedure of predictive evaluation by experts in different fields who will be required to give their opinions and feedbacks about the potential of

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Fourth Partnership Meeting, Beaune (FR) – 20th- 21st October 2011

   The fourth consortium meeting has been held in Beaune, France, hosted by the partner CFPPA. 13 participants from 5 partner organizations have met in order to put the basis for the organization of the testing in Italy, Spain, France and Greece. A first draft of protocol has been presented and the promoted has put in evidence the aims of the testing, the type of approach to be taken as well as the strategy for the recruiting of learners and the type of learning materials to be used.          

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Six Workshops for the validation of the main project products

  Six workshops have been organized by the project partners in Italy, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Austria and France. From April 2011, six groups of more than 80 experts from different countries and working fields (Adult Education, Vocational Training, Agriculture, etc.) have been set up in order to validate two of the main project products: Model Farm and the Professional Profile of the Agricultural Entrepreneur. During the workshops, the experts have expressed their valuable opinions and feedbacks about the products and given inputs about strategies of implementation. The outcomes of such events have been analyzed through strict quality procedures and have allowed to conclude a process of validation before the experimentation through pilot testing.  

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Third Partnership Meeting, Graz (AT) - 28th-29th April 2011

   The third consortium meeting has been held in Graz, Austria, hosted by the partner Auxilium. 15 participants from 7 partner organizations have met in order to discuss about the progress of the project and to present the main products implemented so far. In particular, the partnership has consolidated the formalization of Model Farm, which describes  a best practice of multifunctional agricultural enterprise management. The professional profile of agricultural entrepreneur has been presented by Serifo srl, who has also given inputs to the definition of the preliminary elements for the construction of Virtual Farm and the production of video-machinimas.              

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December 2010: Second Partnership Meeting in Madrid

    The 2nd Partnership Meeting has been hold in Madrid, on 2nd and 3rd of December; all the members of the Consortium have attended it. The event, organised by the Spanish Partner IFES and chaired by the Promoter Serifo srl, has been the occasion for an intensive work on some key topics for the development of the project. Starting from the analyses of scenario and context carried out by the Partners in their own Countries (IT-FR-ES-HU-GR-AT) by involving 60 stakeholders and 120 young farmers, the Learning Needs of the Future Agricultural Entrepreneurs have been reconstructed. This analysis, soon available on line, will be the basis for the definition of the Professional Profile of the future Agricultural

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April 2010: First Partnership Meeting in Naples

  Held in Naples, the partnership first meeting of the project “V-3DAS”, organised by the Promoter (Serifo srl). During the meeting, the activities of the project have been started based on a scientific and strategic review of the tasks. The partnership has agreed the guide lines and an operational protocol of procedures for the collection of the interviews that are preliminary for the drawing up of the forecasting Analisys of the skills needs in agriculture and for the analysis of the Best Practices of Farming Management. The first strategic orientations for the construction of the referential and of the training curriculum of the agricultural entrepreneur have been set forth.

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